As amusing as this sounds, it is the most common question potential women travelers ask us. So, we thought we’d explain the mystery for once and for all.

Traveling with Jugni is akin to traveling solo. If you have always wanted to travel on your own, by yourself, away from friends and family, Jugni is the one-stop-shop for you.

Now, this is where the “group” angle comes in. We bring multiple lone wolves like you together to form a women travel group.

This helps you…

a) test the waters and ease into solo traveling without being too boggled about logistics

b) be in a group of strangers, make friends with them eventually, but still maintain your solo travel vibe.

So please don’t think that being in a group is a pre-requisite to traveling with Jugni. Our women travel groups primarily cater to solo travelers who have a taste for adventure.

And we get it, if more PR is what will help you build trust, you are more than welcome to Google us. Our philosophy behind women travel groups has been covered by several leading publications like Hindustan Times, Scoop Whoop, LBB, Amar Ujala, and many more.



The idea to offer best solo trips to women started as a partnership between young entrepreneur Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar from the Himalayan Explorers Club. The two men behind the company believe that to provide solo trips to females it is not important to fixate on technicalities around itineraries, but to foremost make sure that their groups of solo female travelers have an agreeable time.


Jugni is more than a travel company for us, it is our ever-expanding family of passionate solo female travel groups that we look forward to spend time with. Making women’s solo trips their best so far is what we truly live for. The happiness on female faces
when they finally complete their first solo trip is dear to us.

In India, personal decision-making related to travel till date remains a collective function of an entire household. We at Jugni want women to reclaim that agency and decide for themselves when they want to embark on the best solo trip of their lifetime and when they want to be a part of a solo female travel group.

To be able to grow as an individual, it is important for women to have solo travel experiences and to go through that process of deciding for one’s own well-being. And this is exactly what our platform endorses. When as a female you can take a solo trip
without being answerable to anyone is when you are free, and we are lucky to be witnessing that exhilarating freedom every day, first-hand.

With solo female travel groups, safety is our top priority. You will be accompanied by certified outdoor leaders and our itineraries for women-only solo tours are carefully curated to suit the taste of an adventurous female traveler. Also, for traveling with us, age is truly no bar. You just gotta be young at heart and inclined to explore the best travel destinations for solo women.

So quick, get packing!


Our tour packages serve the party animal as well as the nature lover

The itineraries for women-only trips are designed in such a way that even though you’re in a ladies group tour, no one is forced to do anything they aren’t interested in. And if there’s something you would like to add to our special tour package for ladies, hit
us up and we just might make special amends for that particular women-only trip.

Our meticulously crafted ladies-only tour packages will make you feel at home, and you’ll wonder when your comfort level shot up to 100 while traveling in an all-ladies group tour. Further, the sensible upper cap on our ladies group tours gives you a chance to
truly optimize your women-only trip. Our comfortable ladies tour packages always have room to adjust individual plans.

As bonus, we will make you laugh till your face hurts, ensure good food options (vegetarians, take note), and always keep curating unconventional ladies tour packages (Kyrgyztan anyone?). Let’s just say that Jugni is more of a special ladies-only travel experience than an organization. Do not think of us as guides on your women-only trips; we are more like co-travelers who are happy to be a part of your ladies group tours.

Ladies(or “Jugnis” as we like to call them)are always welcome to join our exclusive group tours and experience exciting tour packages, be it the mud caves of Vietnam or trekking across Spiti Valley.To really encapsulate the essence of what happens on a typical Jugni women-only trip, explore our wide range of ladies special tour packages and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions regarding our ladies group tours.

On a women-only trip, you will definitely end up collecting more memories than you expected to and rest assured, safety and enjoyment in tour packages for ladies is our utmost priority.

How did it start?

Being avid travellers ourselves, we saw the untapped potential in the field of women-only trips early on. To date, taking a solo trip for women in India remains a tough decision to make, but we wanted them to be fully confident in say, going on a fun girls trip.

Thus, an idea was born to offer the best travel packages to females.

Initially, we struggled. When our trips for women did not sell as much, we would go ahead with the few girls who did sign up, even if that meant travelling with a group of just 3-4 women. But we never cancelled a trip. We did not want to lose sight of just wanting to make our female travel groups have a good time.

And that is where we struck the right chord.

Women who always wanted to travel solo saw that we are investing not only time and money, but also our emotions on a trip, and their word of mouth spread.

Thank you for trusting us and touring the world with 2 men. You gave us a new purpose (and helped us change the impression of Delhi boys!)

We all carry some baggage in life due to which we seek out solo travel. Through the years, we have seen women take a trip with us for several reasons – wanderlust, aesthetics, me-time, temporary escape, becoming an influencer – and we realized that our women-only tours fill that vacuum in their lives.

Jugni is more than a company for us. It is our ever-expanding family of passionate solo women travellers. Also, being the only women group travel company in India that is run by men allows us to bring in that unique X factor to what we do – be it ensuring safety or providing that personal touch of togetherness on our group trips.

How does it work?

Our trip packages serve the party animal as well as the nature lover. We only do fixed departures, ranging from weekend getaways to international tours. So, girls in India are sure to find a trip to their liking.

Browse our website or social media for a list of our upcoming group trips and their corresponding itineraries. If you see something you like, book it by paying an advance.

We do not take more than 12-15 women in our travel groups to maintain optimum levels of fun and authenticity.

Solo women often ask us how will they tour with 12 other girls and are generally apprehensive about our travel groups. But let us tell you, to date, this concept has not disappointed even a single female traveller of ours.

Yes, going on a trip with other solo women needs some stepping out of your comfort zone, but you will step right back into it by the first night itself. We are proud that our travel groups have fostered lifelong friendships between women from all across India. Everyone looking for a women-only trip should try out this beautiful concept at least once.

With female travel groups, safety is our top priority. All tours are accompanied by certified outdoor leaders and our trip packages are carefully curated to suit the independent women traveller.

Lastly, we are an age-friendly company. We have had 22-year-olds gel fantastically with 65-year-olds. As long as you do not have any serious medical conditions, there is no restriction from our side.

And that is it. We save you the hassle of travel planning and you get to go on an exclusive women-only group trip with fellow Jugnis (and a Jugnu). It is a win-win deal!